Here at GK Home Watch, we like sharing helpful articles and news with our clients. Below you will find lighting tricks that can help improve your home’s look and make life a little more pleasant for you.


7 Lighting Tricks~ Shared by your Naples home watch

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We’re all guilty of silly little mistakes that leave our homes falling a little flatter than they should, but we don’t want you to get your lighting wrong as that can become a big issue.

With that in mind, we pulled together the 7 main lighting mistakes people make so you can tackle them all. Every room in your home—from your bathroom lighting to your kitchen—could be suffering from a serious lighting malfunction or mis-design, so read up and get more switched on!

1. Relying on just one light source

Main lights are great but sometimes you want a little task lighting as well. Don’t get sucked into believing that one bulb is ever enough to see everything and invest in some lamps.
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2. Using overhead lighting that is way too bright

There is a temptation to invest in the brightest bulbs possible, but ask any interior designer and they’ll tell you that you could be making a big mistake.

Daylight imitation is the brightest you’ll ever need and will still have a pleasant ambience.

3. Not thinking about wattage

You must consider the wattage of your lights!

You might be able to save a considerable amount of energy and money just by reducing the wattage of your bulbs and you may even create a more enjoyable atmosphere.
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4. Having too much recessed lighting

Add too many recessed lights to your home and your ceilings will start to resemble Jarlsberg. Keep it simple, functional and sensible!

5. Forgetting about dimmers

Dimmer switches are fantastic for creating the perfect ambience in any room, for any occasion. If you don’t want to add lamps, this is a great way to still capture a more intimate vibe when you want it.

6. Having switches in inconvenient places

The last thing you want is to have your light switches in an illogical place on your walls as you’ll leave grubby hand prints from trying to locate them.

Always work with an ergonomic plan in your mind!

7. Forgetting about your wardrobe

One of the key places people forget to light are their wardrobe, which makes it so much harder to get dressed in the morning.

We recommend you install a light that automatically flicks on as soon as you open a door, as that way you’ll never be scrambling around again!