Naples Senior Movers and Downsizers

A smaller space is easier to maintain for a lot of senior citizens who have a hard enough time getting around and managing chores. Once they reach this stage, the large family home they once loved will seem like a much bigger space than it needs to be. Downsizing is a simple way to release yourself from some of the burden and have less to accomplish throughout the day. You can utilize the help of a senior mover in order to complete the downsizing process quickly.

The Key Difference Between Regular Movers and Senior Services

The key difference between regular movers and senior services is compassion. Senior movers understand that you have many keepsakes you do not want to let go of, yet can help you realize that some memories will stay with you forever regardless of the items you have to represent them. It is far better for your health to live in a safe environment where you feel comfortable than it is to keep a number of items that are of no use to you.

Senior moving specialists will offer reassurance and guidance during this trying time. Regular movers will simply transport your belongings and not give another thought about it. That is not to say that some movers will not show you compassion, but it is not something that they focus on during their job duties.

Early Contact is Best

It is best to get an early start when contacting senior move managers. This way, they are available to help through the entire process. You can choose to contact at a later time if you only want help moving, but managers will assist with much more, which can be extremely beneficial to you. It will save you the hassle of having to go through the process alone. They can also provide some valuable tips and resources to make your life during the move easier.

Locating a Senior Move Manager

The National Association of Senior Move Managers is the one main resource that can help you find a move manager in your area. At least 50 managers are listed throughout the state of California. One Naples option includes Ann Thomas, The Moving Lady. She offers much more than just managing. She even handles estate closures and home watch services. Thomas will help you shop for new home items, supervise movers if you will not be home, complete change of address forms, find you a handyman for repairs, provide cleaning services, and much more.

Pricing a Move With a Senior Move Manager

There is no set cost for a senior move manager or moving services. The price will be based on the types of services you receive. Say you hire The Moving Lady. You will need to discuss all price possibilities with her through your initial consultation. The price will change based on when you need services and the duration of time she will be there to assist you. You may be charged per hour, or for a lump sum amount for a package deal.

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